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Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami

Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology from Florida International University

Certified personal trainer since 2008


Founder of B-Fit Training Studios in Miami, Fl 

J    A

     My story begins as a college freshman. Like many other young people, I had no idea what I wanted to major in when I started my studies. Being the active teenager that I was, I think I picked physical therapy because it had the word “physical” in it. During my second year of college, my destiny changed with one decision. A graduate student informed me that I should switch my major to exercise physiology if I wanted a better understanding of how the body works. Shortly after, I became obsessed with studying the science of exercise and experimenting with the ideas I was reading about.

     Up until then, I had worked as a martial arts instructor teaching Krav Maga, the Israeli self-defense system. I became certified as a personal trainer at the age of 20 and have never looked back. I began working in membership gyms and quickly realized that they struggled to find qualified trainers who provide a professional service. I decided that I could, and would, do a much better job if I started my own organization. Using only my life savings and without any prior business education, I opened my first personal training studio, B-Fit Training Center, at the age of 25. Along with my brother, Victor, we ran this studio as if the members were part of our extended family.

     During the start-up phase of my studio, I decided to expand my knowledge by getting a Master’s of Science in exercise physiology and strength & conditioning at the University of Miami. My time at UM gave me the opportunity to learn from some brilliant people and challenged me to perform at a much higher level than ever before. It’s been a challenging journey, but we have succeeded in transforming lives, consistently providing top notch service to our members, and creating communities of amazing people who do much more than sweat together. Once I reached the capacity of clients I could see in person, I decided to take my method online in order to reach more people from all over the world.

     On a personal note, I’m a pretty introverted guy who enjoys spending time with my amazing fiancée and our dog. When I’m not working, I’m usually reading nonfiction, listening to podcasts and lectures I find interesting, playing guitar or practicing my hobby of photography. My personal philosophy is that humans thrive when we focus on growing and making an impact on the world starts with developing ourselves on an individual level.


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